Meet Our Board

Michael Hickey Chairman
Eileen O'Mahony President
Breda Dwyer Vice-Chairman
Martin Kelly Honorary Treasurer
Donal Sands Honorary Secretary
Gerard Scully
Stephen Cluskey
Mary Branigan
Jack Lawler
Olan McGowan
Clive Hough
Kathleen Brady
Katherine Deas

The Board of Directors of the Irish Wheelchair Association is elected by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting. The maximum number of Board members is 16, consisting of the President, two directors elected from IWA employees by employee ballot; one member of IWA-Sports section elected by sports section ballot. Nine are elected at the AGM and the Board may co-opt three additional members. A Rotation of Director policy exists that deems that each year one third of the members must retire from office (while remaining eligible for re-election). At least one third of the Board members must be persons with reduced mobility.

images containing group image showing some of IWA board of directors

The Board selects the officers for the Board, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, Treasurer and the Honorary Secretary.

Irish Wheelchair Association is governed and regulated by a national Board. The Board is accountable to the members and the stakeholders at large.

The Board remains accountable to the members of IWA. The primary duties, responsibilities and authority of the Board are conferred on it by the Constitution of I.W.A. Company Limited by Guarantee , some of these include:

  • Governing the Association
  • Appointing and supporting Chief Executive Officer
  • Approval of annual budgets