Organise an Event

Organise an Event

Organising an Angel Event is fun, rewarding and can make a real difference to the lives of people with physical disabilities living in your community. Events can take place throughout the month of November in your school, workplace, home or local community.

We’ve included six helpful ideas to get you started although you may have an idea already!

Get started Corporate Guide

Get involved at work or in your community

Hot Chocolate Afternoon Party
Organise a hot chocolate afternoon party for all your colleagues to enjoy during the 3pm slump. It’s really easy & fun too!
Angel Cake & Coffee Morning
Get Baking and Enjoy an Angel Cake with your work mates. It’s Simple and Effective and a great way of bringing staff together from all departments.
Casual Friday
Drop the formal dress in your workplace for one day during November! Workers pay a small amount so they can wear casual clothes or a costume to work. If you work with the general public, this is also a great buzz-maker and raise awareness about the Angel Campaign throughout the day.
Supper Quiz
Not your normal Table Quiz. Organise a Supper alongside a Table Quiz in your work canteen or social venue and see which department has the brains!
Annual Leave Raffle
Organise a raffle amongst your colleagues to win an extra days annual leave.
Job Swap
Raffle off the organisations jobs and swap with your colleagues to experience a day in the life of your colleague. Bet you all want to swap with the boss!

Corporate Fundraising Guide

You can fill in the form below or download the documents (PDF) to get started!

IWA has developed a helpful fundraising guide which includes ideas to get you started and tips for making your Angels event a huge success.

You can also download the registration forms in this section or you can fill in the form below.

Thank you so much for expressing an interest in holding a fundraising event for us, please complete the details below so that we can give you the support you will need.
By completing and submitting the above form you agreeing to the following requirements:

To comply with auditor requirements and to preserve the integrity of the organisers, it is required that at least two people are involved in the counting and remitting of cash.

For transparency on cash handling procedures please refer to cash handling procedures on the ICTR website:

I agree that all monies will be lodged no later than 4 weeks after the event.

Health and Safety / Insurance
A member of our fundraising team will give you advice on running your event but it is your responsibility to ensure that it is properly insured and if necessary, a health and safety plan is in place prior to the event. When your event is successfully registered, a member of our fundraising team will be in touch regarding tips and your event materials.
Irish Wheelchair Association would like to thank DPD and Aldi, for their support and assistance with the Angel Campaign 2016.