IWA’s online portal allows first time applications apply for a parking permit and allows existing customers to renew their parking permits online.

IWA’s Assisted Living Services provide personal assistant services to individuals with a physical or sensory disability.

IWA has Resource and Outreach Services in over 57 locations throughout the country offering local support to people with disabilities.

IWA delivers high quality services to people in their own homes and communities.

IWA offers a wide range of Motoring services that support people in gaining increased independence and mobility.

IWA-Sport promotes sport and recreational opportunities for people with a physical disability at all levels.

IWA caters for young people with physical disabilities to assist them in explore their interests and interact with other young people.

IWA Wheelchair Solutions offer services including Wheelchair sales, Wheelchair Rental and an experienced technical team available for Repairs.

IWA provides supports to help individuals with physical disabilities find their own home.

IWA provides accessible and supported holidays and breaks to people with disabilities and their families / carers at several locations around the country.

IWA is committed to supporting people with disability through its training programmes and supported employment initiatives.