Aside from the ordinary business at the AGM, the Board has proposed certain changes to be made to the Constitution of I.W.A. Company Limited by Guarantee subject to the approval of the members of the Company by Special Resolution at the AGM on 28th May 2022, and subject also to the approval of the Charities Regulator.

These changes are summarised below:

  • Reference throughout the document and in particular in the main objects clause to “persons with disabilities”, rather than an emphasis on “persons with reduced mobility”
  • Hearings of an appeal by a member expelled from membership will now be heard by the Chairperson of the Board, rather than the full Board.  (Article 11)
  • General meetings may be conducted wholly or partly by way of electronic communications technology (e.g. Zoom) at the discretion of the Board.  (Articles 14-22)
  • The quorum of members for general meetings is being reduced from 80 to 50.  (Article 26).
  • Specific language has been inserted to regulate the appointment of proxies by members, to attend and vote on behalf of members at general meetings.  (Articles 38-43)
  • The delegation of powers by the Board to the National Sports Executive Committee, in relation to the management of the affairs of the Sports Section, is now specifically referred to as being subject to the reservation to the Board of all decision-making powers which are required by Sport Ireland or its successor or equivalent body to be reserved to the Board as a condition of its funding made available from time to time to the Company. (Article 75)
  • A provision relating to the ability of the Board to conduct meetings remotely including by electronic means. (Article 77).
  • The provisions in relation to notices to, and by, the Company have been updated, to be more comprehensive.  (Articles 88-94)
  • A new provision has been inserted to permit the Board to purchase and maintain Directors and Officers Insurance.  (Article 96)

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