Why Join IWA

Although it is estimated that ten percent of the Irish population has some form of disability, it can be surprisingly easy to feel isolated and alone. By coming together as an association, we can support each other in dealing with the many issues facing people with disabilities and their families.

As an association, we become a stronger force in advocating for positive changes in society. We can organise national campaigns around key issues and also share information and ideas.

As a member, you will receive our quarterly magazine, Spokeout, which includes many personal stories about living with a disability as well as useful information on issues such as accessible holidays, sport, motoring and aids and appliances.

You will also be invited to input into the running of the association through the Annual General Meeting and other forums.

Membership is free-of-charge and open to all people with limited mobility (whether or not you are a wheelchair user) or with an interest in the association.

IWA’s strength is in its people. We are a diverse organisation, involving people of all ages and many different types of disability. Whatever your skills or interests, we encourage you to become actively involved in our association.

Download the IWA Membership Form

Notice to IWA Staff members

In conjunction with a major update to the IWA public website, we will soon be changing the way you log into the Staff Intranet, email and People Planner.

Shortly, you will no longer be able to access these facilities using the IWA website, instead you must use https://www.iwaonline.ie.

As always you can contact IT through email, it@iwa.ie, if you have any queries.