Election 2020: The Disability Funding Crisis

The disability sector is severely underfunded. Let’s make our voices heard in the 2020 General Election.

Questions to ask your candidates about disability funding

You, as a voter, have a unique opportunity to influence the immediate promises and longer-term plans of political candidates.

When a candidate comes to your door, here’s what you can say:

  • People with disabilities are being continually let down by Governments in Ireland. The disability sector has reached an emergency situation, where services are under threat.
  • An urgent €20 million is needed to cover funding shortages that nine national disability services are facing.
  • This funding crisis is critically affecting the services needed by you and people in your constituency.
  • The HSE plans to take 1% off its budget this year, cutting another €20 million out of disability services nationwide and pushing many to the brink.
  • Does the candidate agree that the real cost of providing services for people with disabilities must be met?
  • As a voter in their constituency, how do they propose to help end the crisis if elected?
  • Tell your candidate about your personal needs - difficulty accessing transport, gaining employment, insufficient personal assistant hours, inadequate disability allowance or an inaccessible home?

How can you contact your local candidate?

  • Talk: Speak with your candidates when they call to your door. Tell them their commitment to end the disability funding crisis will influence your vote.
  • Call: Ring your local candidates and speak to them about the disability funding crisis and issues affecting you.
  • Write: Write an email or letter to your local candidates, outlining your concerns about disability funding and your personal needs.
  • Visit: Find out when your local political candidates will be in their clinic and arrange to meet them to outline your issues.
  • Join: Take part in public events happening in your area, which give you the chance to raise your concerns.

Disability organisations and the vital services they provide have been starved of funding. I demand the government to urgently solve the disability funding crisis #DisabilityDeficitGE

The Disability Action Coalition

Irish Wheelchair Association has joined forces with eight national disability organisations to call for:

  1. An extra €20m to cover the urgent shortfall in funding currently faced by our services.


  2. A complete reform of how HSE budgets for the sector are agreed.


  3. Ensure that the workers who run our services are paid the same as HSE workers for doing the same job.

The Disability Action Coalition image

To find out more about The Disability Action Coalition visit https://tdac.ie