Budget 2021 – What you need to know

Below is a brief summary of what Irish Wheelchair Association Members need to know about Budget 2021 so far.


  • Additional funding of €13 million for approximately 1,600 school leavers with disabilities in 2020 to access supports and services.
  • An additional €5 million for emergency residential care placements and in-home support for those with high support needs.
  • An additional €5 million for respite services.
  • Carer’s Support Grant of €1,700 will be paid in 2020 to over 126,000 carers. Carers will also benefit from an increased number of hours they can work outside the home – from 15 to 18.5 hours per week.
  • An additional €2 million will be provided in 2020 to support implementation of the Autism Plan to improve services.
  • 12,000 Housing Adaptation Grants will be provided to support people with disabilities in their homes.

Carers and People with Disabilities

  • €5 increase for qualified child dependants aged 12 and over, in all weekly payments.
  • €2 increase for qualified child dependants up to age 12, in all weekly payments.
  • Fuel Allowance will increase by €3.50 to €28.00 per week – over 375,000 households to benefit.
  • Highest ever Carer’s Support Grant of €1,850 per year (increase of €150) to be paid in 2021 – to benefit over 130,000 carers.
  • €5 increase in the weekly Living Alone Allowance from €14 to €19 for people with disabilities who are living alone – over 221,000 to benefit.
  • Earnings disregard for people receiving Disability Allowance who are working to increase by €20 per week to €140.
  • New €1,000 Training Grant to help people with disabilities who are seeking employment.

Notice to IWA Staff members

In conjunction with a major update to the IWA public website, we will soon be changing the way you log into the Staff Intranet, email and People Planner.

Shortly, you will no longer be able to access these facilities using the IWA website, instead you must use https://www.iwaonline.ie.

As always you can contact IT through email, it@iwa.ie, if you have any queries.