IWA Access Guidelines

IWA members have identified access to the built environment as one of the biggest issues facing them in their daily lives. It is also widely acknowledged that access issues have a direct impact on other priorities such as employment, housing, parking and transport. People with disabilities want to lead fully independent lives, and rightfully expect to be able to participate in all aspects of society.

In response to this issue, Irish Wheelchair Association have a dedicated National Steering Group on Access who work with others such as the NDA Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, the Department of the Environment and local authorities to improve knowledge and awareness of the importance of this issue.

The National Steering Group continue to look at how best to make progress in this area and engage in direct consultation with organisations, architects, engineers, planners, developers and others regarding the planned design of facilities, stadiums, venues and other public spaces.

Irish Wheelchair Association also published the Access Guidelines - Designing Accessible Environments which is a set of recommendations, information and guidance designed to influence and advocate for future legislation, the development of new regulations and improved access standards.