Government Ignores Thousands of Supporters who Signed IWA’s Petition Calling for Fairness and Equality in Budget 2018

Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) on behalf of its members and supporters submitted a high priority petition, signed by over 8,000 people to Government Ministers and TD’s


Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) Responds to Budget 2018 Announcement

Rosemary Keogh, CEO of Irish Wheelchair Association commented:

“Budget 2018 is critical for people with physical disabilities and their families. It is our job in the Irish Wheelchair Association to hold our Government accountable for the commitments they have made to people with physical disabilities in the past. Yet again the Government’s Budget has not delivered for people with physical disabilities. Unfortunately, no constructive commitment or investment into vital services such as Personal Assistant Services was announced in Minister Paschal Donoghue’s Financial Statement.

Personal Assistant Services, Housing and accessible transport services, are the linchpins necessary for people with disabilities to live independently. Without these services people with disabilities cannot take up employment or play an active role in their community and many young people will continue to be forced into nursing homes.

Ms Keogh continued:

Minister O’Donoghue announced an increase of €685m in allocation to the Department of Health which brings the total funding to almost €15.3bn next year, and a total of €1.83 billion has been allocated to housing in Budget 2018, with 3,800 social houses to be built by local authorities and approved housing bodies.

Irish Wheelchair Association commits to following up with the respective departments as there is no mention of Personal Assistance Services or accessible Housing within the finds allocated for Budget 18

The partnership between IWA as a not-for-profit organisation and the State, particularly in relation to the provision of services, has served the nation well. However, Ireland still has not ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities and is the only country in Europe not to ratify this vital international agreement, which would afford people with disabilities the same basic human rights as everyone else.

IWA’s focus is on people – ordinary people who want to live their lives alongside their friends, families and communities. Not separate. Not isolated. Not excluded. The ratification of the UNCRPD will ensure that the human rights of people with disabilities are honoured and protected and will breakdown existing barriers and unlock immense potential.”.

Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) is Irelands leading representative organisation and service providers for people with physical disabilities. Everything we do is driven by IWA’s vision of an Ireland where people with disabilities can enjoy equal rights, choices and opportunities and live their lives independently.

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