Irish Wheelchair Association is an organisation made up of people with disabilities, family members, staff, and volunteers.

Irish Wheelchair Association has submitted its pre-budget 2022 proposal calling on the Irish Government to fully invest in people with disabilities and the services needed to live their best life. People with disabilities are strong resilient people finding a way to navigate through a world that classes us as ‘vulnerable’.

People with disabilities are not vulnerable.

We are strong. We are innovative. We are leaders. We have voices. We have families. What we need is for the Government to meet our right to live the life we choose.

The last 18 months have been one of the toughest times for our nation, as we experienced such loss and isolation through Covid-19. We remember at this time the friends we have lost and the isolation we have felt as an organisation and as people with disabilities.

Thankfully we are seeing some light at the end of a very long dark tunnel, where we can start to meet family and friends again. In this return to ‘normality’ we find ourselves fighting the same fight we always have, inaccessible pathways, facilities and transport, lack of employment, lack of personal assistant services and unsuitable housing.

The economy has taken a ferocious hit during Covid, but we will not allow people with disabilities to take on this burden by cutting budgets in the sector.

Our Government must recognise the contribution people with disabilities make to society and invest in us, so we can live our best lives.

By doing this you will see our country grow into a proud, progressive society based on rights, that also thrives economically because everyone gets to play their part.

Read our pre-budget 2022 submission, to find out more about what we need the Government to invest in to create a fairer Ireland for people with disabilities.