People are at the heart of everything we do

At every stage of life, people with disabilities have the right to live the life they choose.

This summer, by donating to Irish Wheelchair Association, you could support more independence, more opportunity, more freedom.

We work closely with more than 3,000 individuals across Ireland every week – people of all ages – providing a huge range of support and services that make it easier for them to get around, to find community, to live their lives.

Give a donation this summer and help people with disabilities live the life they choose.

Give a donation this summer and help people with disabilities live the life they choose.


€40 could help support clubs for young people with disabilities, helping ensure that they can spend time with their friends.


€60 could help support the provision of courses in our Community Centres such as gardening, computers and art.


€120 could help support Irish Wheelchair Association Community Centres offering a wide selection of day services, outings and events.

Your generosity today could help a child like Ryan – he’s 15 now, but he’s been a regular at the IWA Athlone Sunshine Club since he was just seven. He loves going to the club, where he meets regularly with a group of other young people with disabilities. 

The independence and social aspects of the club have been huge for Ryan. “My Dad brings me to the club and then he goes,” he says. “I have loads of friends there. We get on like a house on fire!

The club became a vital point of contact for Ryan and his family during the pandemic lockdowns. John and Maureen from the club paid regular visits to Ryan’s home, to check on how everyone was doing and to drop off activity packs. In fact, they were among the only visitors the family received during this difficult period.

Karen has been availing of our Athlone Day Centre twice a week since she began using a wheelchair 13 years ago. She loves seeing her friends and taking part in the range of activities. “We have such fun. The laughs we have. I don’t think I have ever left this place in twelve years that I haven’t had a good laugh.”

A keen gardener, Karen was delighted to take a horticulture course at the Community Centre, receiving a diploma for her efforts. Along with her fellow students, she has planted flowers and sowed all manner of vegetables and herbs. 

Karen worried the garden might be neglected during lockdown but was over the moon when she saw on Facebook that a group of volunteers had been maintaining the garden in her absence.

When I saw those pictures that morning, I cried” says Karen, “because I had put in so much work into that garden.”

People are truly at the heart of what we do.

At Irish Wheelchair Association, our vision is for an Ireland where people with disabilities – whether young people like Ryan or older folks like Karen – enjoy equal rights, choices and opportunities in how they live their lives. 

Please support our work with a donation today.

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