Volunteer Testimonials

Here are a few stories from some of our volunteers to give you an idea of what you could gain from getting involved. Don't forget to go back to fill in our Volunteer Form!

Michael Buggy
My name is Michael , I am 63 years old and I have been an IWA Volunteer since the middle of 2010.

My background was 24 years in the Irish Defence Forces and 22 Years with RTE Security Dept. I took early retirement in November 2009, after some months I applied to do some voluntary work and have not looked back since.
I find the work with the IWA very fulfilling and it gives me a purpose in my retirement life, it is my privilege to participate in helping in this wonderful organisation. I hold an all categories/class driving licence which I have put to good use by driving the IWA bus for the Youth Service. My driving licence allowed me to use a skill which I had but never appreciated it totally until put to use again after many years.

IWA have assisted me by providing training in a Child Protection Course and a Clamping Course for the buses which is essential. I have found that the Staff I work directly with to be so totally committed, that I find my admiration for them to be inspiring. I would recommend anyone that is considering volunteering to do so as the rewards are so great.

Thank you IWA and your staff for allowing me this pleasure to help on Tuesday and Friday nights. Continued success in all your endeavours.
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Lorraine Maher
I am in my twenties and I have been a volunteer with the Integrated Arts Project in Tallaght since 2008. My role with the project has progressed over the years from being a support person for the activities to taking on leadership responsibilities. I support the young people to organise their transport to the activities, I let them know the dates and times for the activities and I travel with them to ensure they get home safely.

It does not seem like work at all. I mix well with the young people and I get to share my experiences of life with a disability. Some of the young people confide in me and talk about what’s going on for them.

I feel like I’ve grown up within the role and I am delighted to be involved. I used to be a service user in the Youth Service but today I am a Volunteer giving something back to young people with and without disabilities in my area. It’s great and a real important part of my busy life.
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Jen O’Brien
I volunteer in the Knockmitten Youth Cafe in Clondalkin. We play pool, table tennis, games or just chat.

I heard about the Knockmitten Youth Cafe through Foróige. I work for permanent tsb who sponsor the Foróige Youth Citizenship Awards. Seeing all the great things that young people were doing made me want to get involved. I was in a youth club when I was younger and really enjoyed it so I wanted to work with young people in my local area. Luckily the IWA Knockmitten Youth Cafe is in Clondalkin so I decided to volunteer there.

I'm volunteering since February 2011 and really enjoying it. It's not a big commitment of time but its very rewarding. I really feel like I'm really getting to know the young people now and that they like having me around too. I've been saying for ages that I wanted to be able to give something back to my community and now I can.

I feel like I'm making a small difference in the lives of the young people who are in the Café and that's a great feeling! I was a bit nervous the first night I went down but everyone has been so nice and friendly, it's made me want to keep it up.

So if you're interested in volunteering, stop thinking about it and just give it a try!
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