Rachel Creevey
Tue, 22 Dec 2015


Campaign by Disability Federation Ireland in the run up to General Election 2016


In the run up to General Election 2016, it’s important to ensure that disability issues are at the top of the incoming government’s agenda.


To this end, Disability Federation Ireland has launched their general election campaign which has an overarching theme of inequality.  


We all want to live in a truly modern, truly equal Ireland but the unfortunate reality is, we do not!


Every day disabled people must deal with barriers placed in their way. The campaign will highlight some of these barriers and ask the question “does that seem fair to you?”


Is it fair that disabled people who want to work can’t access the same training as everyone else?


Is it fair that wheelchair users have to give 24 hours notice if they want to travel by train?


Is it fair that children with disabilities can’t attend the same school as their siblings and friends because that school can’t provide the essential supports they might need?


Just a few examples of inequality, discrimination and segregation that people with disabilities face on a daily basis; undoubtedly there are many, many more and DFI wants to hear about them.


They want people with disabilities and members of their families, from all around the country, to share their own experiences of inequality. These stories will form a ‘Book of Evidence’ to illustrate the sheer volume of inequality faced by people with disabilities.


The ‘Book of Evidence’ will be presented to political leaders and candidates to show that it is time to end the discrimination against people living with a disability.


If you would like to share your story, you can tell it in whatever way you want – you can make a video, send in a photograph with #disableinequality in the shot, a tweet @DisInequality, a Facebook post (search for Disable Inequality) or submit your story on the website www.disableinequality.ie.     


Your story doesn’t have to be long, it can be told in 3-5 sentences and be as simple as:

I am…..

I need to do……..

But I can’t because…..

Does that seem fair to you?


Stories and videos will be uploaded to the website www.disableinequality.ie. The website is already live and is regularly updated with the latest information on the campaign


The Irish Wheelchair Association’s Media Group has been involved in this campaign from the beginning. The Media Group attended the first meeting of the ‘Disable Inequality Network’ in early December and other members of the group have participated in media training so that they can act as spokespeople for the media over the coming months.


Other ways you can get involved in the campaign include:

1. Become a Disability Champion As a Disability Champion, you will be a media contact for DFI and be willing to share your story in newspapers, radio and at other events. For more information about this please contact Anita at anita.matthews@iwa.ie

2. A campaigning network is being established and needs people with disabilities and their families to join.  This network will join together people from all over Ireland interested in getting active on disability issues. As part of this network you will join with other disability advocates and campaign within your own constituency. DFI will be there to support network members throughout the election campaign.

3. DFI are launching the ‘Disable Inequality’ campaign on January 13th 2016 in Trinity College  and want as many people as possible to attend. The more people that attend the launch, the louder the voice of people with disabilities leading into the election.

4. Promote the Disable Inequality message as wide as you can. You can do this by visiting the Disable Inequality website, liking and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter and spreading the message of the campaign to your friends and family. Remember #disableinequality!