Value Your Vote

Value Your Vote

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

With the upcoming General Election scheduled for 2016, Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) is encouraging our members to check the Draft Register of Electors by 25th November 2015.

In order to vote in an election or referendum in Ireland, you must be registered to vote.

Being registered to vote means that you can participate in deciding who represents you at local government level, national government level and European government level.

If you need to add your name or change your entry in the draft Register, you can do this up to 25 November each year. You must fill in form RFA1 for the draft Register. You can get an RFA1 form from your local post office or public library. Forms are also available from your local authority and this is where completed forms should be returned to.

If you are applying because you have moved to a new address, you should include this information and your former address so that you can be removed from the register for that area.

The amended Register of Electors is published on 1 February and comes into force on 15 February.

Postal Votes:

You will normally be required to vote in person at an official voting centre but you may be eligible for a postal vote if you are:

  • An Irish diplomat or his/her spouse posted abroad
  • A member of the Garda Síochána
  • A whole-time member of the Defence Forces.

You may also be eligible for a postal vote if you cannot go to a polling station because:

  • Of a physical illness or disability
  • You are studying full time at an educational institution in Ireland, which is away from your home address where you are registered
  • You are unable to vote at your polling station because of your occupation
  • You are unable to vote at your polling station because you are in prison as a result of an order of a court.

Applications for inclusion on the Postal Voters List must be received by 25 November at the latest.

If you are registered as a postal voter, you may vote by post only. You may not vote at a polling station.

For further information or to check your details are correct please visit Check the Register.

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