Thu, 23 Aug 2012
A Shared Sense of Adventure
The Share Village Holiday Team

A Shared Sense of Adventure

A recent youth holiday to Share Holiday Village in Fermanagh gave participants an opportunity to push their own limits as they tried out a variety of adventure sports activities on the banks of Lough Erne.

Ten intrepid young adults from Dublin and Wicklow spent the weekend at close quarters in accessible chalet accomodation. 'I'd never stayed in group accomodation like that before,' Frances Ryan from Garristown explains, 'We had lots of fun'. Socialising took place in the girls' chalet - mainly so that the lads could avoid having to clean up! However the girls got their revenge by taking control of the group's breakfast trolley and keeping it at their place.

Jenny McCann from Tallaght also enjoyed some new experiences. 'Canoeing on Lough Erne was a totally new experience for me; I'd never done that before', she said. Jenny and the others set out in specially designed six-person catamarans. Everyone was wrapped up well in waterproof gear beforehand and the canoes were very safe and stable out on the lake, but somehow everybody ended up getting splashed. 'I don't know anything about how that happened,' said Dave Barry, one of the Youth Workers leading the trip.

After canoeing the group tried out rock-climbing (check out our photo-slider on our Youth Homepage to see all gang in action). Jenny really appreciated the approach taken by the Share instructors. 'The attitude was everybody gets to try out everything and see how they get on. Nobody told me I couldn't do it'.

Jenny tried everything out, testing just how much she could do. 'Climbing probably wasn't ideal for me personally - but I got to give it a go. I could see the difference in people's confidence, reaching the top, or just getting up on that wall'. Chris Cassoni from Kilmacanagoue in Wicklow made a good attempt at the climbing wall that didn't work out first time around but with the help of Share instructors and some encouragement fromt the group he made it to the top of the wall really impressing everyone.

Jenny's favourite activity was archery, where with some assistance she was soon hitting the target. 'I'd recommend Share to anyone with a disability. You get a chance to challenge yourself and find out what you can really do'.

Share Village has over 30 different sports and arts activities on offer with something for people of all abilities. Accomodation is fully accessible.

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