Jane Fennessy
Mon, 05 Aug 2013
Fun Day Report
Jane & Friends at the Fun Day

Fun Day Report

The annual IWA Dublin North East fun day is held in June every year.  The reason I look forward to the fun day is because not only do I get to spend the day having fun with my friends in my own centre but I get to meet other friends from around the country.
This year the theme of the day was carnival.  Each centre had to think of a carnival game and bring it to Clontarf where the fun day is held every year.
Friday the 28th June 2013 and we hit the road bright and early and travel to the IWA Headquarters. Clontarf was buzzing with people everywhere and I couldn’t wait to get in and have a look around at all the different activities.  There were people dressed up as clowns, men on stilts, a cow boy and who could forget the banana man.
In the sports hall was the main attraction, the carnival games.  There was wheel of fortune, darts, targets games and many more.  We all won some cool prizes.
We had a barbeque for lunch.  It was just what we needed to get our energy back for the disco after lunch.  The food was lovely and the ice cream was just what I needed. Everyone seemed to enjoy the disco and it was nice to see people interacting and dancing with others.
I know a lot of work and preparation goes into the Dublin Northeast fun day and as a member of the IWA for 7 years, it’s a day I will always look forward to in the IWA calendar year.