David Barry
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
Growing up in IWA Youth Service
Always smiling: New volunteer Louise Cashell runs the shop at Clontarf Youth Club

Growing up in IWA Youth Service

Youth worker David Barry recently spoke with IWA Youth Service member Louise Cashell about turning 18, living away from home and gaining new life skills. Louise joined IWA Youth Service back in 2008, aged 15, when she took part in a Teenage Health Project in Clontarf. Since then she has been an active member, getting involved in a range of activities such as Clontarf Youth club and Youth Disco, teenage holiday breaks away in Cuisle, in Co. Roscommon.

David: So Louise, you've recently turned 18 and you are officially an adult! How does it feel?

Louise: It's great I love it. I'm going out more with my friends and my man and dad are giving me more freedom about time! I'm also looking forward to being able to vote.

David: You've recently been staying in the Carmel Fallon Holiday Centre, in Clontarf. How did that go for you?

Louise: I've stayed in the centre for about six weeks now, going home at the weekends. My house is getting done up so I've been able to stay here which has been great. It's nice as the rooms are lovely and big and you have your own private bathroom. I'm able to meet up with friends that are around the area. It's handy for me too because I'm just in school around the corner.

David: You've recently attended an Independent Living Skills Course in Irish Wheelchair Association - can you tell us a bit about it?

Louise: I've loved it. It has taught me to be more independent with things like travel and shopping to even making cups of tea and just thinking differently. It was on for two weeks and it gave us all confidence and a good kick!! My mam has already said she has seen a difference as I want to do more things for myself.

David: You've recently taken on a new role at the Clontarf Youth Club. What does that involve?

Louise: Well we have a new shop at the club and I'm going to run it for the year. After the Indpedendent Living Skills Course I've just done it's good because I can take on some responsibility. There are a lot of new younger kids at the club so now I can help out a bit as I've turned 18.

David: Great stuff Louise, thanks for the chat.

If you would like to find out more about staying at the Carmel Fallon centre please give Karen a ring at 01-818 6458.