Laura Leeson
Fri, 11 Oct 2013
My Trip to Butlers Chocolate Factory

My Trip to Butlers Chocolate Factory

Recently a friend of mine and I took a trip to the Butlers chocolate factory to what they call the home of Irish chocolate in Clounsaugh, Dublin. It was a really great couple of hours even though at first we wondered what had we let ourselves in for as the tour was full of kids on summer holidays. That didn’t stop us eating any chocolate we were given as we were more than happy to taste everything!!

The tour began with a video on the history of Butlers chocolate followed by a quiz and if you answered questions you got chocolate. We were not very successful at this part. We were then taken around a museum of different things that happened in butlers each year. We had to find each event from a sheet we were given and mark it off on the sheet. We were first to finish this and got all correct.

We then got to see the factory where all the chocolate is made. This was really interesting. It is such a busy factory. Would you believe they have already started making chocolate for Christmas!!

Now for the best bit -we got to see a demonstration of how some chocolates are made and even to decorate some of our own chocolate. For this we had to dress in some strange surgeon like outfits (no you won’t be seeing those pictures!!) I am a huge fan of bakery shows and had always wanted to do something like this. Given that I have never decorated my own chocolate before I was pretty pleased with the results, but I don’t think Butlers will be calling me with a job offer anytime soon!

I would highly recommend this tour. It is a great day out for all ages. It is really cheap and has something to interest everyone. It is very wheelchair friendly and the staff are really helpful.