Richard 'Rocky' Redmond
Fri, 26 Apr 2013
Rocky's Road to Dublin

Rocky's Road to Dublin

Hi I’m Richard Redmond, AKA Rocky!

I’m from Clondalkin in Dublin but moved to Kildare with my family about 10 years ago. I’ve been involved with the IWA youth service since I was 16. Sometimes I volunteer with the youth service and do DJ at discos. I go to Cuisle holiday centre in Roscommon once or twice a year with a few friends and we have a laugh and the craic. Last year the youth service visited the outdoor and activity centre, Share in Co. Fermanagh. It was a great experience for everyone there- we did canoeing, rock climbing and archery. We’re going back again in July for some more craic! I started in the RTU (Rehabilitation Training Unit) in February and I’m on the NYAG (National Youth Advisory Group) to represent the voices of all the youth members.

I’m going to be blogging once a month about various things-
news, music/film reviews and my expert opinion on the world!
J So keep a lookout on the site for me.

So you may ask where the nickname ‘Rocky’ comes from!? Well when I was a kid in school I got in to a little scuffle with the school bully, and let’s just say that was the last of his bullying! I don’t agree with violence by the way as there are better ways of dealing with bullying these days. Maybe I’ll write a blog on this topic some week.

I’m looking forward to getting the blog up and running and representing the youth voice of IWA.

You can call me Richard or Rocky, but please just don’t call me early in the morning! J