Richard 'Rocky' Redmond
Thu, 20 Jun 2013
Rocky's Road to Sligo
...or this time west to Sligo!

Rocky's Road to Sligo

On the 18th of May I went to my first IWA AGM (annual general meeting) in Sligo. We were booked to stay in the Radisson Blu Hotel, but the youth worker Dave told me two weeks before that we were staying in The Glass House Hotel (a few miles down the road!!). When we got near Sligo town I got my mobile out for the sat nav to help us find the place.

I typed in The Glass Hotel- we arrived at the Glasshouse to Dave’s confusion! Wrong hotel but totally his fault…we managed to find the right hotel about 20 minutes later!

We grabbed a quick bite to eat then the fun started J

We (Kayleigh McKevitt and I) got to use a big camera and a microphone to interview people. We interviewed about 15 people, asking them various questions about the AGM and IWA youth. The people we interviewed were nice and we had a good laugh with them. Once we finished this, we only had about 45 minutes to smarten up for Gala dinner event J

There were Irish dancers, a band and DJ for the entertainment throughout the night. The dancefloor was pretty packed for the whole night with everybody showing off their moves.

The AGM was very interesting, listening to people saying what they needed to say and hearing about their problems and their stories.

The part I loved most was the experience working as a camera man for the day- I really felt like I was working for RTE or TV3. I found out that a cameraman has a lot more work to do than I first thought! The AGM has changed my way of thinking in life.

So the Gala dinner ball….hhhmmmmmm…..


“Let just say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” (or Sligo!)