Written by Dave Barry
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
Bray Youth Cafe Bowling Night

Bray Youth Cafe Bowling Night

Dave Barry, IWA Youth Worker, fills us in on what young people in Bray Youth Cafe got up to this April.

Earlier this month young people from IWA's Bray Youth Cafe took part in a 'Bowl & Pizza' night. Looking to get out of their usual space for the night, the group decided that they would like to go bowling at Bray Bowl.

It was an action-packed night with strikes, spares, and even a 'Turkey' or two (Wicklow is the garden of Ireland after all). Sean and Megan (pictued above) were just a few of the gang who had a great time. Daniel (pictured in back to left) tried ever so valiantly to throw his ball into the other lanes but gravity took over and he even managed to knock down a pin or two!

Mid game refreshments arrived in the form a of a yummy pizza from the local takeaway, all eaten in possibly world record time...if you snoozed, you losed!! (so to speak).

It was a nice change-up for the evening and allowed the group to socalise in a different setting, with some good craic and tasty food added to the mix.

Bray Youth Cafe is a safe accessible space for young people with (and without) physical disabilities to hang out, meet new friends, and get involved in various youth activities. Young people, aged 13-17, get to decide for themselves what activities will take place each youth cafe night with support from Dave and staff and volunteers from Hi Rez Youth Centre.

If you want to get involved then give Dave a call on 087 050 6946 or e-mail david.barry@iwa.ie.