Niamh Dunphy
Thu, 21 Feb 2013
Gig Review: Ed Sheeran Live at the O2

Gig Review: Ed Sheeran Live at the O2

IWA Youth Service member Niamh Dunphy fills us in on one of the gigs of the year - and it was only January!!

On Saturday 12 January I left my ordinary life behind to experience showbiz glitz and glamour with my family. The night started off with a long but exciting drive to the O2 (untill we realised we forgot the tickets and had to go back!).  When we finally got to the O2 Arena we saw a huge queue of about 10,000 people all waiting to see one man in particular. 7 times platinum and Grammy Nominee Ed Sheeran. 

Luckily I didn't have to wait in the huge queue. As we made our way into the O2 I was surprised to find that my uncle arranged for my family to go to the V.I.P lounge. We were greeted by really kind staff and shown to our table and had a lovely meal and chat. A while later my sister and I went to see Passenger, the support act. In my opinion Passenger has real talent, watch out for him in the future!

Here's a video Passenger singing his single "Never Let Her Go" from his album "All The Little Lights”

While watching Passenger we noticed just how good our view from the wheelchair area was - we could see everything and it was easy to leave when we needed to.   thanks to the staff in the wheelchair area.

After an amazing performance form Passenger my sister and I went back to the VIP Lounge.  A very kind promoter came out and handed me a signed programme from Ed Sheeran himself!

When the house lights went down a wave of excitement filled the crowd as Ed took to the stage. Ed showed that he was proud of his Irish heritage by wearing an Ireland jersey and bringing an Irish flag on stage with him. The first song Ed sung was "Give Me Love" (which is one of my favorite Ed Sheeran songs).

Here's a link to a live version of Ed’s current single “give me love” from his debut album “+”

From the start of the concert I noticed that Ed is very interactive with the crowd. At the start of the concert he called us his "Dublin gospel choir" which meant that he would give the crowd lines to sing and we would sing them back to him as loud as we could.

Over the course of the night Ed played songs with very deep meaning such as “Small Bump and “The A Team” but he also played songs such as “You Need Me Man, I Don't Need You” and “Drunk” which created and wild and fun atmosphere amongst the crowd, he also did covers such as Liam Clancy's "The Parting Glass"(an old Irish folk song) and Nina Simone's "Be My Husband" which brought the crowd to silence. 

Here's Ed doing a cover of Liam Clancy's "The Parting Glass" and his own tune "The A Team".

Overall I would say Ed Sheeran's concert was a night filled with entertainment, a lot of singing/screaming but also quite peaceful moments. I would recommend Ed Sheeran to people of all ages as he offers something for everyone.