David Barry
Tue, 19 Feb 2013


Do you ever get frustrated or struggle to find an accessible taxi or bus? Have you ever been stuck in town waiting on an accessible taxi…for one not to arrive, ever!!? Well IWA member Stephen Cluskey did and he decided to do something about it, creating the website www.wheelchairtaxi.ie


Youth Worker David Barry recently spoke with Stephen about the initial ideas behind the site and the progress to date. Stephen is a wheelchair user and about 2.5 years ago he was badly let down by a pre-booked taxi when on a night out in town, resulting in him frustratingly waiting around until finally arriving home at 6.30am! On another such doomed occasion, Stephen’s wheelchair was badly damaged by a taxi driver who mistakenly put clamps on the chair’s spokes. Time for action!!!  As such, the website emanated from a desire to provide a database of accessible vehicles and to also attempt to provide a platform to highlight and raise standards within the taxi industry.


The initial idea led Stephen to distribute a survey to fellow IWA members in an attempt to gauge the possible level of interest in such a venture. Having received very good feedback from the survey, Stephen was enthused to an extent that the site www.wheelchairtaxi.ie became a reality.


If you browse through the site (and you should!) you will find it very user friendly and accessible, allowing you to search for accessible transportation all throughout the country from taxis, to mini buses, to coaches and to wait for it……boats (ahoy matey)!!


It is free to register on the site and this will allow you to leave reviews on taxi journeys you have taken, which in turn should serve to increase standards in the industry. Stephen says that the site is still in its infancy and he is waiting for more taxi drivers to register. So if you already use a regular accessible taxi service and they are reliable, tell them to get their details up on the site, pronto! If you’re looking for accessible transport in the future you know where to look- save the site in your browser and you’ll never be late for a concert….or hot date again! J