Written by Gina Lu
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
Boccia Champions back in Action
Champions: IWA Limerick’s 2011 Winning Team image Champions: IWA Limerick’s 2011 Winning Team (L to R) Tim O’Riordan, Nicola Dore (Cpt), and Georgina Lukek

Boccia Champions back in Action

Gina Lu updates us on the progress of IWA Limerick's boccia stars in the first of our REGIONAL YOUTH REPORTS this year.

In November 2010, IWA Limerick began their journey to Boccia success, training like crazy one day each week.

The team members consist of Nicola Dore (captain), Georgina Lubek and Tim O'Riordan with Sultan Kakar (who is studying away very hard in L.I.T.) acting as sub.

Since the team's establishment, training sessions have been quite enjoyable throughout, learning difficult methods and strategies for future matches against other teams. Matches began in March 2011 and IWA Limerick's training sessions proved to be successful from Day 1.

Throughout match season IWA Limerick went from strength to strenghth winning each match they played.... including the Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland Boccia League Final which took place in Ballinteer on the 19th July 2011, against the 2010 champions Sandyford Steamers.

IWA Limerick recently played their first match of the 2012 season, against Enable Ireland Quinns Cross, and were victorious once more - proving once again that they haven't lost their winning streak!