Thu, 23 Aug 2012
Clontarf Fun Day 2012
IWA’s Youth Media Group Reporter Rachel Creevey makes a new friend at the Fun Day Puppet Show

Clontarf Fun Day 2012

Youth Media Group Reporter RACHEL CREEVEY and photographer SAOIRSE SMITH rolled up to this year's Clontarf Fun Day to find out what it was all about.

IWA's annual Dublin-North East Region Fun Day took place on Friday 29 June. The event had an Olympics/County Colours theme with attendees decked out in the jerseys of their various home counties.

Members from Clontarf, Cavan, Ardee, Drogheda and Navan Resource Outreach Centres gathered at the Clontarf campus to take part in activities such as Arts & Crafts; a Quiz and Monster Bingo, which took place after the BBQ and just before the arrival of the Ice Cream Van. The Bingo players were so looking forward to their 99s, that bingo had to be delayed until everyone was finished!

There was also a Puppet Show offering members a chance to showcase their karaoke skills or to have a giggle at a wide range of puppets, from Barack Obama to Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Massage and Beauty were firm favourites with both male and female members, and finally Sports, where members lined up to have a go at activities such as Boccia, Skittles, Target Throws, Kurling, Bowls, Basketball and Archery.

Archery has always been an activity this writer had wanted to try but I believed wasn't possible because of my wheelchair. However, I was assured by Aaron, who was overseeing the archery section and also practices it, on a regular basis that the game could be adapted to suit anyone's individual style. I lined myself up intent on hitting the centre target with my first shot but instead I hit the wall, the chairs, the curtains - one arrow even went missing completely. Nevertheless I had a good giggle trying it out!

The sports was where the real competition set in between the centres, as Ciaran ,who was in charge of sports events on the day, explained. Participating members were awarded points for their success at each game they attempted and at the end the winning centre would be awarded a plaque at the end of the day.

Events culminated with the Staff Wheelchair Basketball matches. The spectators were in high spirits, bringing along drums and tambourines; they raised the roof with their playing and chanting. The first match was between a Youth Service Selection - coming together for the first time on the day - and an experienced Clontarf Sports Department team. It ended 18-8 to Sports, but with a star turn from Aaron Hanney for Youth.

ALS Wildcats image

Youth Worker Dave Barry and the ALS Wildcats are victorious at the Staff Basketball Grand Final. Photo courtesy of Robbie Cousins.

The second match was a grand final between Dublin's ALS Wildcats team and Ardee. Where the last match had an air of fun and frivolity to it, the second match had a definite competitive edge, with players determined to snatch victory for their centre. ALS Wildcats began strongly with a 6-0 lead over Ardeeuntil the sixth minute when Ardee came back, but Dublin were then quick to stretch their lead to 8-2. The battle continued until the end when ALS Wildcats won 18-10. Members of the winning team were Karen, Orla, Natasha, Dave, Eric and Garreth.

The Ardee Centre were victorious overall in the end and Ciaran Tighe presented them with this yearís plaque for Fun Day Champions.