Jane Fennessy
Fri, 05 Jul 2013
Bon Jovi Concert

Bon Jovi Concert

Let me share with you my Bon Jovi experience. The concert that I was waiting on all year, the highlight of the year, so much to look forward to-little did I know!

I set off in good time to make sure I saw all the supporting acts, one of which was a local group called Ham Sandwich.

Bag packed and off we went, this lasted about 20 minutes before all the commotion began. Driving along minding our own business when at first it started as a bit of a funny smell, then came the smoke, from where you may ask; from the engine, we pulled over to safety and I disembarked the bus. The on- call mechanic (it was a Saturday) was called and he very kindly brought out a spare bus. With a giggle he said enjoy the concert, and this bus is fine. You would think that you would not be struck by lightening twice but read on to see what happened on the return trip home.

The adventure continued until we got to the Slane road when fire brigades had it a little blocked because of a fire (in some waste grounds). This still did not stop us and we managed to get by and off we went again.

We finally got to Slane Castle, no traffic because they all arrived a few hours before us.

On parking the bus in the VIP car park (I must add!), we were then escorted to the wheelchair platform, this was set out very well and everyone had a good view.

Unfortunately the one local band Ham Sandwich had already played but we did make it in time to see Bressie and the Corona’s and of course the main attraction Bon Jovi himself. He didn’t disappoint, he played for the full 3 hours or as he said he would play all the way up to the curfew, he kept his word. Slane Castle is a very quite and sedate part of the country but was turned into a loud, noisy almost electric rock festival for the night. It was amazing to hear sixty thousand people singing his songs back to him. The stage was unbelievable; the shape of a Cadillac lit up the skyline. At times his beautiful teeth stole the limelight (it would remind you of the doggy denture add) but if you can spend so much to have them look so well you may as well show them off!!

I certainly danced and sang to my hearts content. The fireworks at the end of the show where not only unexpected but spectacular. I would certainly put it as one of the greatest concerts I have been to lately and if you know me that is saying a lot.

 The return home- where do I start!! Well we made it to the bus very easily and even got out of the car park very quickly. But to our surprise someone put a hill in our way and never told the bus, the poor bus just did not want to go up the hill. With a huff and a poof (smoke) it stopped, and decided to have a rest. I once again disembarked, this time the triangles went up, torches came out and we abandoned ship. We rang very cautiously the poor mechanic and explained the ship was sinking! While waiting to be rescued the offers of assistance were coming thick and fast for example:

 1. Offer of getting into a camper van to keep warm (not possible)

 2. Offer to push the said bus up the hill, unfortunately they did not realise the engine was not on, but push away.

 3. Kind lady asking were we broke down (stating the obvious)

 4. Garda finally stopping and saying we really can’t stay here (hello where

 can we go!?). Being very encouraging by telling us of the backlog of

 traffic coming from Navan and that nothing will get through.

 5. The Garda then saw the light (not the torch!) and radioed his colleges to tell them to let our recovery vehicle through, being as busy as they were he could not stay with us, after all we had a torch so we were safe.

Finally we see the light, of the recovery truck of course and wait for it bus number 3 (hurrah)

I know the mechanic was laughing when we were not looking! We swapped keys and headed home at last. A trip home that would usually take 20 minutes took two and a half hrs.

 Lets just say Bon Jovi will never be forgotten!