Fri, 21 Mar 2014


Are you happy with the portrayal and representation of disability in Irish broadcasting?

Do you feel Irish broadcasters need to take a more forward thinking approach to disability or do they help to perpetuate the more stereotypical view of people with disabilities?

Is this an issue you feel strongly about and would like to discuss with other people with disabilities as well as members from the broadcasting community?

If so, Disability Federation Ireland [DFI] invites you to join the ‘Network of Interest on Broadcasting’.

DFI are involved in the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland [BAI]/National Disability Authority [NDA] Steering Committee.

The BAI/NDA Steering Committee came together to work towards improving the portrayal and representation of people with disabilities in Irish broadcasting. As part of this work, they recently established three working groups to address the prevalence of people with disabilities in broadcasting and the discourse surrounding this area and to establish databases of expert speakers, actors and participants for the future. The groups include representatives from the disability sector e.g. DFI, and the broadcasting community. DFI’s aim in becoming involved was to ensure that the views of disabled people were heard.

Membership of the three working groups has now been assigned and their first meeting will talk place in the near future.   

In the meantime, DFI, who were so enthused by the interest shown in this project, have established their own Network of Interest on Broadcasting, independent of the BAI and the NDA. The Network of Interest would bring people from the disability and broadcasting communities together to raise and deal with the issues that really need to be dealt with, and to discuss these among people who have a real and meaningful interest in them. 

If you would like to become involved in the Network or hear more about it, you can contact Orlaith Grehan, who works in Communications in DFI. She can be contacted on 01 708 0103 or email


Alternatively you can request to join the LinkedIn group which has been set up for the purposes of the Network - Please be aware that this is a private group which means you will only have access to it after your request has been approved by the group manager.