Niamh Dunphy
Fri, 19 Sep 2014
Gig Review: Ed Sheeran at the ‘Ruby Sessions’
Niamh with Ed Sheeran

Gig Review: Ed Sheeran at the ‘Ruby Sessions’

What I thought was going to be a boring ordinary Wednesday turned out be something I never could have expected and a night I would never forget.

It all started with my brother Niall and his girlfriend Alyson suggesting that we go into town for dinner.  We went to Thunder Road café in Temple Bar.  During dinner I happened to mention how disappointed I was that I couldn’t get tickets to the private Ed Sheeran gig being held in the 2FM radio station the next day. However, little did I know what was in store for me after dinner! After our meal we went to D’Olier Street and stopped outside Doyle’s pub to find Niall’s friends and my brother Kevin standing outside the pub. I looked at everyone feeling confused as a wristband was being placed on my arm. I suddenly realised that I was going to a private Ed Sheeran ‘Ruby Sessions’ gig that was taking place in the pub that night . Waves of excitement and shock filled my body as we went inside, I couldn’t believe my luck!

The Ruby Sessions is a music performance night, held in Doyle’s pub every Tuesday for new and upcoming artists to showcase their talents and build a fan base in Ireland. Big names such as Nizlopi, Paolo Nutini, The Frames, Mumford & Sons and of course Ed Sheeran played this venue when they first started out in their careers and since have become huge names in the music industry today. It was unusual for the Ruby Sessions to be held on a Wednesday, the only other time this exception was made was for folk band Mumford & Sons.


If you would like to find out more about the Ruby Sessions click the link below

The gig was held in a very small room in the upstairs of Doyle’s filled with bar stools and tables. The room quickly became packed with people.

The first act to take to the stage was Plymouth born acoustic singer songwriter Jamie Lawson who has been in involved in the music industry for over 15 year and became an over night success in Ireland back in 2011 with his song “Wasn’t Expecting That”. It sky rocketed to the number 3 position in the charts and also featured in Disney Pixar film “Up”.

Having found Jamie’s music on YouTube a few years ago, I was excited to see him play live, and much as I expected, he is an amazing talent with great musical ability and skill- keep an eye out for him in the future!

Jamie left the stage and the sound of mumbling voices filled the packed room. Soon after, Ed Sheeran took to the stage, screams and cheers filled the room as he spoke and began to play his first song. The first song Ed played was “I’m A Mess” from his new album “X”.

As the night continued Ed played songs of different genres and styles such as the hip pop influenced songs, ‘You Need Me Man I don’t need you’ and ‘Sing’.

Here’s a video of Ed preforming hit single ‘sing’ live

One of the most impressive and crowd pleasing songs of the night was Ed’s mash up which included his brand new single ‘Don’t’, Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal,’ Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ and Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg's song ‘The Next Episode’


One thing that I love about Ed Sheeran’s gig is his involvement and interaction with the crowd. He does this from the second song in the gig right through to the very end. Even though Ed on stage is very much a one man show, he involves the crowd as much as possible, and this creates an exciting atmosphere amongst the crowd.

What happened next was a pleasant surprise for everyone.

Due to technical issues Ed decided to do the rest of the gig standing on a table! Ed also played quite emotional songs with very deep meaning such as ‘Give Me Love”, ‘One’ and ‘Thinking Out Loud’.                                                    

The gig soon ended, the packed room slowly filed out and became empty again, but my night didn’t end there! Thanks to my brothers, I got the chance to meet Ed Sheeran! He was a genuine lovely guy who really deserves all his success.

Overall I would say the gig was filled with a lot of surprises that were beyond my expectations! Full of entertainment, with music of all genres which certainly appealed to everyone. There were quite intimate moments, but also exciting carefree moments, which made the gig seem electric at times.