Written by Jenny McCann
Thu, 23 Aug 2012
‘Them’s Fightin' Words!’

‘Them’s Fightin' Words!’

Jenny McCann reports on the launch of Irish Wheelchair Association’s new Youth Media Group.

On Saturday 14 April, IWA Youth Service gathered together a group of budding young writers from around the country to form a new Youth Media Group.

The aim of this exciting new project is to train and support a new wave of younger IWA members to be improve and develop their writing skills and to be able to contribute articles and content for both SpokeOut magazine and the IWA Youth Micro-site online. Jenny McCann, a member of the new group, headed along to the Fighting Words Centre to take part in their first creative workshop.

At the beginning of the year, I signed up for IWA’s the Youth Media Group on www.iwa.ie/youth. I knew writing was involved in some way, which is right down my street. Just before Easter we e-mailed each other to say hello etc. April 14th was the big day. Me & Richard got up at 8am on a Saturday morning. I was feeling somewhat tired. I left the house at 9am - still feeling tired, nervous, excited, and cold - to meet Daragh Kennedy (IWA’s National Development Officer for Youth) at Heuston station for 10am. As time went on I felt less nervous and more excited.

We met Daragh at the bus. As I was up the front of the bus I couldn't turn around to see the people I had been e-mailing. I decided to wait until I got to the place. Still didn’t know what to expect. We were at the Fighting Words Centre, across from Croke Park, within minutes.

As we went in the door we were given name tags. The room was bright & airy. The workshop began. Mark was the man who doing it along some other Fighting Words Volunteers. Mark was a young, bubbly, very interested in writing, and a confident speaker, which made it easier to be interested. You wouldn't have people falling asleep!

Mitch & Dani (two other members of the Youth Media Group) volunteered to act out a scene, which became the dialogue for our story. As a group we began to write our story. It was cool. We had a beginning and a middle - but no ending. So we all went off to write our own endings. If we needed a hand we had the volunteers, and of course IWA staff. We took a few minutes to write then we all listened to each others endings. It was great to hear the different interpretations of the endings. Some were sweet, funny, and caring. It made me think about my writing more.

I really enjoyed the workshop, everyone was friendly & upbeat. I'm really looking forward to our next meeting.

If you'd like to get involved in the Youth Media Group, you can contact Daragh Kennedy at daragh.kennedy@iwa.ie, or call 045 861346.

To find out more about the Fighting Words Centre, check out www.fightingwords.ie.