Keith Duffy Rolls Out New IWA Bus

Keith Duffy, took some time out of his busy Boyzlife tour schedule to support Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA), Clontarf to launch a new accessible bus which will provide a vital transport service to people with disabilities living in North Dublin. IWA members and their families, local community supporters and businesses, in particular Clontarf Castle assisted IWA to raise the necessary funds to purchase the bus and celebrated at the launch, which took place at IWA’s National Headquarters, in Clontarf.

Mobility is very important for IWA members and the organisation has its own fleet of 120 accessible buses across the country. The new accessible bus launched in Clontarf, was specifically adapted to meet the needs and requirements of people with physical disabilities. The bus service is a critical resource that enables IWA members to participate in the range of services and supports which IWA provides to people with physical disabilities in North Dublin.

Speaking about the new accessible bus, IWA Service Coordinator Declan Hamilton explained:

IWA’s fleet of accessible buses are one of our most critical assets. The increased demand on our bus fleet alongside ageing vehicles means replacing and regenerating our transport fleet is an area of increasing challenge and focus. IWA buses can be seen in every corner of the country, transporting our members to and from a wide range of IWA and community activities. On the road 24/7, whether transporting young athletes to training, older members on a shopping outing, or young friends heading to a concert, in many cases the IWA bus is a lifeline without which people would be isolated and confined to their homes.

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Declan Hamilton also thanked the local community for their continued support and generosity:

IWA relies heavily on fundraising initiatives to enable IWA to continue to provide vital services to people with physical disabilities throughout North Dublin. We would like to thank all our local supporters, in particular Keith Duffy, House Dublin and Clontarf Castle who organised fundraising events to help us raise the necessary funds to purchase a brand new bus for our members in North Dublin.

Transport is key to people with physical disabilities realising their independence as unfortunately, Ireland still does not have a fully accessible public transport system or taxi service. In this context, IWA’s nationwide fleet of accessible buses is vital to many Irish communities, providing door-to-door transport for people with disabilities who might otherwise be confined to their homes.

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