Our Vision

Irish Wheelchair Association has a vision of an Ireland where people with disabilities enjoy equal rights, choices and opportunities in how they live their lives, and where our country is a model worldwide for a truly inclusive society.

Our Mission

Irish Wheelchair Association works with, and on behalf of, people with physical disabilities to drive positive change in Ireland through the influencing of public policy, the provision of quality services and enabling accessibility to all aspects of society.

Our Values

People are at the heart of everything that we do and this is enshrined in all of our values: Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Respect, Equality, Positivity.

People are at the heart of everything that we do and this is enshrined in all of our values


IWA is proud of what we do and how we do it – we behave responsibly with the highest standards of integrity. Our work is informed by need and we operate to the highest standards of governance being accountable to our members, funders and the wider public.


IWA’s commitment to excellence in the provision of services and corporate governance drives our development and growth as we strive to attain the highest standards in everything we do. We are results-focused and operate with independence in all areas of our work.


IWA is the leading influencer in shaping public policy and societal attitudes to advance social inclusion for people with physical disabilities. We see beyond boundaries and identify new approaches for an improved world for people with physical disabilities.


IWA is committed to a culture of mutual respect between members, staff and volunteers. We listen with an open mind to what people have to say and value their diversity and contributions.


IWA believes in a fair and inclusive society. We work actively to ensure that every person with a physical disability in Ireland can achieve their right to an independent life, with equal access to opportunities, services and supports within their communities.


IWA is immensely proud of our heritage, achievements and people. We believe in the determination of our members, staff and volunteers to be instrumental in the achievement of a new, inclusive Ireland.