IWA-Sport is committed to the Sport Ireland National Coaching Development programme. This programme, designed by Coaching Ireland, is based on best practice of several coach education programmes and is the benchmark for IWA-Sport.

Our coach development model aligns itself with the Long-Term Athlete Development model, with courses designed to meet the competencies necessary at each stage of development for athletes and coaches.

Coach Education 

There are three types of IWA-Sport coaching courses available:

Coaching clinics

We offer coaching clinics to interested people, clubs and organisations.

These clinics can fit in with the existing training schedule of a club or can be booked separately.  Clinics consist of practical, sports-specific training sessions and include all essential components of a standard training session including a warmup, drills and skills section and a cool down. 

Sports: We provide coaching clinics in the following sports: leader training (multisport), wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, and para powerlifting.

Clinic length: Clinic sessions are flexible but generally a session will be no longer than two hours. 

Cost: €20.00 per participant. (minimum of 12 participants required) 

Introduction to coaching courses 

We offer a Coaching Ireland accredited level 0 (Introduction to Coaching Practises) to interested people or organisations. This can be delivered generically or specific to a particular sport.  

Sports: We provide level 0 coaching courses in the following sports: leader training (multisport), wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and para powerlifting.

The course will: 

  • provide volunteers, parents and club members with the skills and tools to manage and lead a coaching session in their club.
  • provide basic information to participants about the sport itself and organising games and activities for young children.
  • focus primarily on developing fundamental skills in the respective sport and empowering participants to lead a coaching session.

Course length: 7 hours 

Assessment: The course is not assessed and a Sport Ireland certificate of attendance is issued upon completion. 

Cost: The course fee per participant is €40.00 per person paid in advance. 

Level 1 coaching – Wheelchair Basketball  

In this course, coaches will continue to develop the fundamental skills of wheelchair basketball. The course focuses on the development of specific skills and drills. Also included is some basic information regarding wheelchair use and classification. 

Course length: 20 hours 

Assessment: each attendee will receive a short theory and practical assessment on day 4 of the course.

Cost: The course fee per participant is €100.00 per person paid in advance. 

Inclusive PE: Schools Teacher Training 

Inclusive PE Schools Teacher Training educates teachers in the benefits of inclusive practices and imparting the best methods for including students with physical disabilities within their P.E. class.

The training is aimed at qualified or trainee teachers or lecturers.

How do we deliver the training?

  1. Visiting the schools to deliver an interactive presentation to teachers in the school environment demonstrating inclusive sport. 
  2. Visiting third level institutes to deliver practical and theory sessions to trainee teachers in third level colleges

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