Help and Advice

Get help and advice on specific topics, resources or services.

Assisted Living

Supporting independent living at home for people with physical disabilities.

Community Centres

Recreation, therapies, training and wellbeing for people with physical disabilities.


Enjoy a relaxing, supported holiday with Irish Wheelchair Association.


Providing comfortable wheelchair accessible homes designed to award-winning standards.


Getting people on the road with wheelchair accessible buses, driving lessons and disabled parking permits.


Develop and promote sport & recreational opportunities for people with physical disabilities.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Aids

Contact us for wheelchair rental, wheelchair sales and mobility aids.

Disability Awareness Training

Offering high quality training for people with disabilities and those who wish to build awareness.

Employment Skills Programme

Providing holistic, person-centred coaching to enable a person to become an independent job-seeker or employee

Young Adults

Building life skills and confidence for young people with physical disabilities.