Irish Wheelchair Association is a community of people committed to making society a fairer, more inclusive place for people with disabilities.

Membership is free-of-charge and open to all people with limited mobility, whether or not you are a wheelchair user. 

We have a vision of a country where people with disabilities have their rights and choices met and respected. Together, with our 20,000 members, we are moving closer to this vision.

By coming together, we can support each other in dealing with the many challenges faced by people with disabilities, while celebrating achievements. We can become a stronger force in advocating for change in society.

We are a diverse organisation, involving people of all ages and many different types of disability. Whatever your skills or interests, we encourage you to become actively involved in our organisation.

Members are entitled to participate in our annual general meeting and feed into the running of the association and they receive information about our services and events.

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FAQs about joining Irish Wheelchair Association

Who can become a member of Irish Wheelchair Association?

Membership is open to all people with limited mobility – you do not you have to be a wheelchair user.

Is there a charge to become a member?

No there is no charge to become a member.

How do I become a member of the Irish Wheelchair Association?

You can become a member by downloading an application form.  Membership application forms are available at your local centre or from our head office by emailing or calling 01 8186485.

How long does it take to become a member?

It can take up to six weeks.  This is dependent upon the time of application since all new applications require board approval. The Irish Wheelchair Association board meets every six weeks.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit to become a member of the Irish Wheelchair Association.

Do I get a membership number?

No, we do not issue a membership number but, upon request, you will be supplied with a letter of confirmation of your membership.

What happens after I become a member?

You will be contacted and welcomed by your local Irish Wheelchair Association centre and you will receive information on the topics of interest you ticked on your application form.

Am I automatically a member if I am a holder of a parking permit

No if you are a permit holder you do not automatically become a member. You will need to apply.