This year in Budget 2023 we are asking the government to keep their promise.

Disabled people are often labelled as being vulnerable, but it is not our disability that makes us vulnerable, it is the lack of investment from our government. On average EU countries spend 2% of their GDP(Gross Domestic Product) on disability through social protection, whereas Ireland spends 0.8%..

Ireland is ranked in the bottom 5 worst countries where 38% of people with disabilities are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. As the cost-of-living spirals out of control, people with disabilities are repeatedly left behind by consecutive governments.

In the programme for Government, our elected representatives told us:

  1. They were “now serious about making a difference, a difference that will make things better.”

  2. They would improve the services available through better implementation and by working together across Government in a better way. We want to empower and give those with a disability the ability to choose the supports that most meet their needs.”

The government is running out of time to do the right thing. We say, let this be your legacy, do the right thing, implement the finding of your own reports.

In Budget 2023, we ask you to join us in calling on the government to implement and resource findings in the Disability Capacity review and implement a Cost of Disability Payment.