1.3m Hours
We provide 1.3 million hours of Assisted Living Service to over 2,000 adults and children

Whatever your individual needs, Irish Wheelchair Association’s assisted living service, carried out by skilled healthcare workers called personal assistants, can help you or your loved one to have the life experiences you desire.

This service is there to make day-today tasks such as personal care or household chores easier and to cater to your individual needs.

We provide a HSE-funded assisted living service, homecare for older people and a private, personally-funded service. Our assisted living service remains vitally important during the Covid-19 crisis and our team is set up to continue to support people who may have to isolate.

HSE Funded Assisted Living

HSE Funded Assisted Living

State-funded assisted living homecare service to support people to live independently

Private Assisted Living Service

Private homecare service for people with disabilities or older people

Older Person's Service

A homecare service for older people living independently

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