Irish Wheelchair Association provides homecare for older people on behalf of the HSE, as well as for private clients. This service typically caters for people over 65 years and is offered for people with and without disabilities.

You might need this service if:

  • You wish to continue living at home instead of a nursing home or residential care.
  • You need support at times when your family cannot visit.
  • Conditions associated with aging mean that you find some tasks difficult.
  • You’re recovering from an accident or adapting to a new diagnosis or condition.
  • You might be widowed and need support and companionship at home.

Our homecare staff place your wishes at the heart of the service, carrying out the tasks and activities you wish to do with care, respect and kindness. Support can range from personal care, to practical tasks and companionship.

How does it work?

Your local HSE health centre can advise or support you on how to apply for an older person’s homecare package. The number of hours of support you are allocated is agreed between you and the HSE.

On receiving the service, homecare workers will be assigned to come to your home each day or week for a number of hours allocated by the HSE to support you with your individual needs.

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