Do you want better support and services for people with disabilities? Do you have a story to tell or an experience to share? Do you want to influence your local politicians?

Become a volunteer campaigner with Irish Wheelchair Association and help to create a better Ireland for people with disabilities.

Work with us to highlight the main issues affecting you and other people with disabilities in your community. Issues such as a lack of personal assistant hours, an absence of accessible social housing, or a lack of wheelchair accessible transport.

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What does it involve?

  • You collaborate with Irish Wheelchair Association’s Advocacy Manager, Joan Carthy, on campaigns that highlight the issues impacting the lives of people with disabilities.
  • Participate in training to learn about the issues we lobby and find out how you can play a part.
  • Work with our Advocacy Manager to develop a list of contacts with politicians and influencers in your local area to lobby.
  • Engage in campaigning activities including, sending letters to local politicians, sharing a personal story in the media or on our website, conveying a campaign issue at election times to electoral candidates or reaching out to local groups.
  • Support our social media campaigns by liking, sharing and retweeting.

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