Imagine never escaping the lockdown: Irish Wheelchair Association’s #NotMyIndependenceDay campaign urges new Government to ensure independence for people with disabilities.

Irish Wheelchair Association today launched #NotMyIndependenceDay, a 4th July campaign to urge the new Minister for Children, Disability, Equality and Integration to ensure that people with disabilities can live the life they choose, with independence.

Joan Carthy, Irish Wheelchair Association’s Advocacy Officer said:

As Covid-19 restrictions ease, many people are looking forward to getting ‘back to normal’, visiting friends, getting haircuts, going to pubs and gyms. But not everyone will be enjoying their full freedom.

“Lockdown restrictions give just a small flavour of what life is like every day for people with disabilities. Lack of wheelchair accessible transport, lack of home support hours, discrimination in the job market and inaccessible buildings and public amenities, are just some of the challenges that restrict people with disabilities from living an independent life.

“Irish Wheelchair Association has launched its #NotMyIndependenceDay campaign to petition Roderic O’Gorman, new Minister for Children, Disability, Equality and Integration and the new Government to commit to ensuring that policy decisions in housing, health, social welfare, education, environment – across every department – take disability into account in a meaningful way.

“We are also calling on the new Government to ensure that disability organisations are properly funded for the vital services they carry out on behalf of the State after years of underfunding by successive governments,”

said Joan Carthy, a wheelchair user and long-time disability campaigner.

“Before Covid, Section 39 organisations in the disability sector were facing a €20 million deficit. This has been made much worse by the pandemic and creates great uncertainty for those who rely on our services to live independently.

“People with disabilities have waited too long for our day of independence. We hope that this new Government will finally listen to us and recognise our rights as citizens to full participation in Irish society. We want no half measures, no crumbs from the table. We want real investment in providing people with disabilities the right to live the life they choose, with full inclusion into society,”

said Joan Carthy.

The organisation is asking the public to support the campaign, which will run across its social media channels by signing its #NotMyIndependenceDay petition on

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