Para-lifter, Nicola Dore tells us how she kept her fitness in top shape ahead of the World Para Powerlifting World Cup, recently.

For all of us, 2020 was a difficult and unexpected year. With the closing of gyms, sports halls, and pitches, trying to keep fit was a struggle.

Nicola Dore (32) is an Irish Para Powerlifter from Limerick. She recently represented Ireland at the Para Powerlifting World Cup, performing well in the 61kg category and finishing just outside the medals in 4th.

For a tournament like this, you need to be focused and training well in the lead-up. COVID-19 presented some challenges, but Nicola rose above that with some help from IWA Sport.

“The first 6 weeks were tough because I was delving into the unknown. Not knowing what lay ahead or when I would ever get back to training properly again. My determination never faltered though because I thrive on being challenged and this was probably the biggest curveball thrown my way in my career to date. I was determined not to be broken and so no matter what the hurdle or setback I kept going.

Nicola was able to find inpspiration from her IWA Sport coaches.

“Combined with my brilliant coach, Roy Guerin, was help from Shannon Pollock who was great in assisting me in the final weeks before Manchester and the nutrition front. Both are coaches with IWA Sport. They saw I was capable of more so set about getting me strong physically. Training and nutrition go hand in hand, so Shannon helped me tidy that up and get the most out of fuelling my body correctly. She also linked me with TJ, a fantastic physio who helped massively in correcting issues with my mobility, so by the time Manchester came around I was in good shape physically and mentally through the amazing support and efforts of Roy Shannon & TJ”.

“Another factor was the Women In Sport 20×20 movement that just drove me on, too because I’m all about promoting and encouraging women in sport and they also supported me massively throughout 2020. To top it off, I was inspired by how IWA Sport kept its members around the country fit and active through all the virtual classes all year. Amazing stuff “

Nicola left us with this quote

“We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

Thanks very much to Nicola for speaking with us about her experience.