Irish Wheelchair Association delivers Disability Awareness Training to groups and organisations.

Because we are certified, your company is entitled to receive grant funding of up to 90% for this professionally delivered training through the Disability Awareness Support Scheme. 

What is Disability Awareness Training?

Our Disability Awareness Training works with companies to increase employees’ understanding of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. It seeks to open people’s minds about how easy it is to accommodate people with disabilities into their workforce. The sessions provides an interactive and engaging training, with practical activities that provide some understanding of what inclusion, or lack of, might feel like.

The course covers:

  • An overview of anti-discrimination and equal opportunities legislation.
    General and specific information on disabilities and abilities, focusing on mobility issues and sensory issues (blindness, deafness, etc.).
  • Perceptual awareness exercises that aim to dispel common myths.
  • To get people thinking about the language and behaviour used in relation to people with disabilities.
  • Information on dealing with mental health issues in the workplace.
  • Insight into some of the most common reactions people can have to a person with a disability.
  • Identify some of the barriers people with disabilities face and how to remove these barriers at work.
  • Explain some of the challenges in communicating with some people with disabilities and how these challenges can be overcome in the workplace.
  • To discuss political correctness and what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Duration 3.5 hours | Cost €900

High quality training for people with disabilities and building inclusion

What is the Disability Awareness Support Scheme?

The Disability Awareness Support Scheme provides a maximum of €20,000 funding for private sector employers to arrange and pay for disability awareness training for their staff.

The training should provide clear and accurate information to employers and employees about working with people with disabilities.

The training should be aimed at providing those taking part with an understanding and awareness of the issues surrounding disability.

It should also provide specific information on:

  • disabilities and abilities focusing on mobility and sensory issues
  • perceptual awareness exercises that aim to dispel common myths
  • disability etiquette to clarify appropriate language and behaviour

Find out more about available funding or contact and we will be happy to guide you through the process.