About Wheelchair Basketball 

Irish Wheelchair Association is the National Governing Body for Wheelchair Basketball in Ireland.

Wheelchair basketball is a 5 v 5 team sport for people with various physical disabilities where the objective of the game is to get the ball into the opposing team’s basketball hoop. The team with the most baskets scored at the end of the game wins.  The game is very similar to the running equivalent in that the rules, court measurements, basketball hoop height and scoring system are the same.  

Who can play and where can I play? 

Junior players (5-15 yrs.) can play in our multisport clubs. There is one junior blitz series for junior clubs, which runs from September to May annually. 

Senior players (15yrs +) play in our wheelchair basketball clubs. There are five senior competitions annually, a national league and four cup competitions


Everyone is welcome to play wheelchair basketball in Ireland including people with a physical disability or able-bodied individuals. Classification is in place for wheelchair basketball to ensure fairness.

Each player is assigned a value depending on their ability to perform certain skills on the court i.e. shooting, passing, dribbling etc. All classifications range from 0.5 to 4.5. In Irish competitions each team can have a maximum of 16 points on the court at any one time.  

This differs at international level were only individuals with a disability, which affects the lower body/legs are eligible to play. 

International Level: 

We currently have one senior team and two under-age teams (U23 and U19). We also have a women’s academy, helping to get more women involved in the sport. Our international teams compete at major competitions regularly.   

iwa-sport wheelchair basketball image showing group of Senior, U19 and U23 international players

Junior Basketball Blitz

Junior Blitz Wheelchair Basketball Series is open to junior basketball players from five to 15 years of age

Senior Basketball League

Senior Wheelchair League is open to senior basketball players from 16 years of age.

Wheelchair Basketball Academy

Mixed gender wheelchair basketball players aged 13-18 years & Female wheelchair basketball players aged 13+ years


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