Youth Facility Use Policy

Resistance training is an effective and a worthwhile activity for adolescents provided that qualified professionals provide age-appropriate instruction on proper lifting procedures and safe training guidelines to IWA welcomes adolescent members to enjoy our gym facilities provided.

Members aged 13-17 with gym programs administered by an individual outside of the IWA Sports centre (.i.e. coach, friend) must have the program reviewed and approved by IWA gym staff. Please contact an instructor or the gym office on (01) 818 6423 or email to arrange an appointment.

  1. General rules and regulations must be adhered to at all times.
  2. Entry will be refused without valid membership card.
  3. Parental/guardian consent must be received before membership is accepted.
  4. All members aged 13-17 MUST receive a gym induction or have their gym program assessed by gym instructor prior to initial use.