Irish Wheelchair Association response to revised vaccine list and people with disabilities.

Responding to the revised vaccine list announced last night, Michael Doyle, Director of Assisted Living at Irish Wheelchair Association said:

“The new vaccine priority list opens the door for some people with disabilities, but the Government must ensure that all people with a physical disability and vulnerable to the virus are protected. 

“Many people with disabilities living independently at home rely on personal assistant staff, sometimes up to five different people a week, entering their homes, leaving them at risk of infection. Frontline workers in the disability sector are getting vaccinated, but the people they are supporting are not and remain at risk if the virus comes into their home. Both sides of the equation need to be vaccinated to keep everyone safe.

“People with disabilities have been told repeatedly that they are at a heightened risk from Covid-19, with many told to cocoon, yet they have not been considered a specific high-risk group in line for a vaccination. We urge the Government to ensure that the revised vaccine strategy includes people with disabilities at a community level as it is rolled out.”