Most people will find a club that suits them when entering the world of sport. For those in a wheelchair or living with a disability however they might think that they can’t experience the same privilege.
Children celebrate European Week of Sport at the Munster Games in Templemore.

The good news is that the clubs are out there, all over the country, which give
people with physical disabilities the chance to participate in sports.

This European Week of Sport, Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA) wants to shine a
light on the clubs around Ireland that welcome children into the world of para

Multi-Sport Clubs provide an outlet for children with physical disabilities, helping
them develop their social skills, improve their physical capabilities while also
competing at their level and having fun making memories for life.

IWA-Sport staff member, Jack Squibb points out the importance of sport and its

“Sport enables people to live an active life, which ends up having a positive effect
both physically and mentally on their health.

It’s also widely reported that it has a positive impact on academic life, including
things such as improved concentration, resilience and so much more.”

David, whose daughter Sophie recently got involved in Para Athletics, praised the
positive impact it’s had on her life:

“It’s been great to see her get out and be active in sports that are designed for
other people with disabilities like her and it’s been great to see her making new
friends. She’s been more confident and happier overall.”

There are clubs accepting children from ages 5+, with a pathway into senior level
sports and a chance to even represent Ireland in international competitions.

So #BeActive and find the club for your child here.

European Week of Sport runs from Monday 23rd September until Sunday 30th September.