At Irish Wheelchair Association, our foundational belief is that everyone should be able to live a life of choice and equality. This equality however must also be extended to our employees, and this is why pay parity is of critical importance.

As of 5pm on 16th October 2023, Forsa, SIPTU and the INMO remain in talks with the Workplace Relations Commission but currently, the indefinite industrial action is due to go ahead tomorrow, Tuesday 17th October. This strike will have a profound impact on the lives of people with disabilities and we are calling on the government to do everything in their power to prevent this unnecessary strike.

IWA understands that the decision to undertake strike action was not taken lightly by our employees and all workers in Section 39 organisations. IWA supports the call for a fair and equitable system of payment – that our employees are brought back in line with payment of their HSE equivalent.  Nobody wants this strike to take place.

We continue to communicate with our members and employees as the situation unfolds.

Earlier today, IWA Service User, Laura Leeson shared her perspective on the strikes and gives an insight into how she will cope tomorrow without her Personal Assistant.

“As I sit here, writing this it’s a weekday morning, the strike action heightens the harsh reality of the dependency, I face every day. I will have to wait 4 hours to get to the bathroom and be assisted by family, I must limit my fluids and I am generally on edge, please show me someone who would be comfortable with this being part of their lives on a regular basis.” Says Laura. Read Laura’s full article here.