IWA-Sport's Health & Wellness Plan is fully inclusive and available free to all gym members

This plan enables you to meet with a qualified IWA-Sport personal trainer and take steps to improve your fitness and wellness no matter where you are starting from.

There is no minimum fitness levels for the IWA-Sport Health and Wellness Plan.

The health and wellness plan is tailor made to your ability, fitness levels and goals; whether its improved mobility, strength, activities of daily living or weight loss. Your trainer will take you through step by step and give you the tools to achieve your goals.

All staff are qualified personal trainers and are on hand to assist you.


Your trainer will take you through your plan to ensure you are 100% confident!
Appointment 1

Initial Wellness Consultation

Duration: 30 Minutes

  •  Questionnaire
  • Appraisal
  • Personalised Programme

On your first appointment you will meet with your personal trainer to begin your personalised fitness journey and wellness plan. Your trainer will guide you through our unique questionnaire to find out what results you want and develop a health and wellness plan tailored specifically for you.

Your trainer will then take you through a fitness assessment. Don’t feel uneasy about this – It is important to know where you’re starting from. Your results from our wellness health questionnaire and fitness assessment will provide your trainer with the information required to design your personalised programme.

Appointment 2

Fitness Plan

Duration: 30 Minutes

  •  Goals
  • Guidance
  • Confidence

During this session your trainer will guide you through your personalised fitness plan.

This programme is designed by your trainer specific to your goals and fitness levels to help you achieve maximum results. Your trainer will take you through your plan step-by-step and teach you the correct exercises and techniques to ensure you are 100% confident with everything.

This gym programme is the first step towards achieving your goals outlined in your personal health and wellness plan. Your fitness plan is specifically designed for you to be able to complete by yourself. Your trainer will help you learn everything you need to know to improve your health and wellness.

Appointment 3

Progress Check and Health Advice

Duration: 30 Minutes

  • Assessment
  • Questions
  • Improvement

Three weeks after your initial wellness consultation you will be booked in for another session with your trainer. During this session you will go through your fitness plan again.

This will help you fully understand your programme and exercises, while providing you with the chance to ask questions and get more professional fitness advice. This is also a great opportunity to discuss lifestyle factors that will help improve health and wellness.

This session will support you to improve technique and we may modify your programme and add some exercises to make it more challenging – if you are ready!

Whether your goals are to lose weight, increase strength, get fitter, improve mobility and movement or to simply improve your general fitness for daily living, we are here to help you.




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