The Ability Programme

Providing holistic, person-centred coaching to enable a person to become an independent job-seeker.

What’s in it for Employers?

  • A database of skilled jobseekers
  • Information and advice on grants and other supports
  • Support from a specialised Job Coach before, during and after employee commencement
  • A free recruitment service to help you find the best person to match your vacancy
  • Realising further the objective of true Inclusion and Diversity within your workplace

Initial Meeting

You will be fully briefed about our services and the benefits of becoming an Ability Employer


We will help you match the correct person to the role you wish to fill within your organisation.


We will advise you and provide you with all the necessary information about the financial assistance and supports that are available to your organisation. Eg. Wage Subsidy Scheme.


We will provide you with continuous support and back up throughout the entire process.

Why Participate?

Each person should be provided with the equal right to work and positively impact the society in which they live. The Ability Programme focuses on each person’s ability and recognises that people should not be defined and limited by their physical disability. This programme promotes positive pathways into education, training and employment for young people with physical disabilities.

Our Job Coaches work with you the employer to ensure that your business needs and/or vacant position matches the skills and abilities of our service user. They will provide on-the-job coaching and support for your new employee if required and will assist with workplace integration to ensure there are no barriers to a successful working environment.

Workplace Supports

  • Disability awareness training for staff
  • Wage subsidy scheme
  • Workplace adaptation grant
  • Employee retention grant scheme

What Are We Seeking from Employers?

One of the key objectives of the programme is that participants secure meaningful employment and gain experience of participating in a day-to-day working environment. We are therefore seeking support from the business community through providing employment opportunities, paid internships, work experience, short and long-term contracts thus enabling us and the programme participants to realise their goals.

Our regional Job Coaches can provide information and guidance to employers on a range of practical supports and allowances to assist in the integration and participation of jobseekers with a physical disability into the workforce.