The Ability Programme for Jobseekers

Providing holistic, person-centred career coaching to enable a person to become an independent jobseeker.

What the Participant Will Receive?

A person-centred approach will be used to support each Ability Programme participant. A detailed career progression plan will be developed with the aim of bringing people closer to the labour market and ultimately supporting people gaining meaningful employment.

Initial Meeting

At a meeting at your convenience we will identify how The Ability Programme can help you develop your own personalised career progression path.


We will provide you with personalised coaching to help identify what training and assistance may be required for you to progress along your chosen career/education path. Employability training will also be provided.


Our expert panel are always available to support you to access information relating to how your benefits and entitlements may be affected following employment.


We will deliver continued support and follow up meetings with both you and your new employer.

Why Join The Ability Programme?

The Ability Programme is about providing person-centred and holistic coaching to people with physical disabilities. If you join our programme your Job Coach will focus on your ability and your goals. The programme will help you identify your pathway into further education, training or employment while working with you to become a confident, independent job-seeker or employee.

IWA understands that the people who will avail of this service each require different supports and no two people have the same goals, employment history, education, backgrounds and skills. We understand that while one person may be looking to discover what their skills and abilities are, another might want to find their ultimate, dream job. A person may even want to discuss further education and training options in their region to help them on their career journey.

The two Job Coaches will work with participants nationwide. The role of the Job Coach is to provide one to one coaching to enable programme participants to become an independent job seeker or employee. The development and progression that participants will have on the programme will be completely different for everyone, that’s the beauty of The Ability Programme.