Irish Wheelchair Association – Sport is an integral part of Irish Wheelchair Association and is a National Governing Body recognised by Sport Ireland who is our primary statutory funder.

Our policy is to develop and improve opportunities for people with physical disabilities to participate in sport at a level of their choice. 

Article 70 of the IWA Constitution states:

The Board has delegated its powers to manage the affairs of the Sports Section to the National Sports Executive Committee (NSEC).

The Board may, in exceptional circumstances following consultation with the Sports Section, by notice in writing to the National Sport Executive Committee cancel its appointment to manage the affairs of the Sports Section in which case the power to manage the affairs of the Sports Section will immediately revert to the Board.

To discharge its duties effectively, the NSEC operates in line with its own set of Bye Laws known as Standing Orders, Committee Terms of Reference and a Schedule of Reserved functions.

All of the above governing documents operate in line with the Constitution of the IWA and all company policies and procedures.

Reporting structures

The reporting structure of IWA-Sport are broadly in line with the reporting arrangements of all National Services in IWA between the service and the Board. 

  • The NSEC is a sub committee of the Board comprised of 8 members, Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, two ordinary members, IWA Board representative, National Safeguarding Officer (staff) and Director of Sport (staff).
  • In line with the Standing Orders, provision is made for one NSEC member to sit on the IWA Board of Directors and vice versa, one member of the Board is appointed to the NSEC as the Board representative.
  • The NSEC meets a minimum of 8 times annually.
  • Service reports are issued by the Director of Sport to the NSEC, SMT, and Board of Directors on a monthly basis.
  • Director of Sport reports on a monthly basis to the CEO. 

Governance and reporting

  • It is a condition of grant investment that funded bodies are compliant with the Governance Code for Sport as per the Government’s National Sports Policy. IWA is fully compliant with the Governance Code as a type C organisation however the Code is applicable from the perspective of the overarching governing committee of an organisation – namely the IWA Board of Directors.
  • High level strategic matters and service specific policy are recommended by the NSEC to the IWA Board of Directors for decision. This could include (but is not limited to) the annual Sport Ireland Core Grant application, Sport Ireland Mid Year review, and annual budget and other grants.
  • Relevant Sport Ireland Grant applications and associated declaration/compliance forms or update reports are signed off by Board signatories as requested by Sport Ireland, these currently and typically include one or more from the Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, CEO or National Service Director.
  • In addition to the Sports Activity Directorate report, Minutes of all NSEC meetings are included in all Board Meeting Papers.
  • All associated governance documents of IWA and IWA-Sport are updated to reflect the proposed new reporting and sign off arrangements. These include IWA Constitution, IWA-Sport Standing Orders, NSEC Committee Terms of Reference and NSEC Schedule of Reserved functions.
  • NSEC Members and Board Members are invited to avail of the Sport Ireland Governance Enhance Programme where relevant and appropriate to their role and skillset. (Governance training programme).


IWA-Sport Comply or Explain Form

IWA-Sport Public Statement of Compliance Form

IWA Sport Standing Orders